40+ The Definitive Solution for CHARMING LAKE HOUSE DESIGNS That You Can Learn About Today

A lake house is a house that everybody dream about. Therefore, the aspects of comfort, practicality, and flexibility must be come first when intending to decorate this house. By decorating it, spending vacation time at this lake house will be even more enjoyable. Some interior design ideas for lake houses that you can apply are as follows:

The right colors and walls for the interior of a lake house

Use neutral or pastel colors for a lake house. You can use paint colors with hues or hues such as beige, white, and taupe. These are to bring a light, airy, and relaxing feel to your home, and will make the interior space more open.

The interior walls of a beachside house should not be too “full” with lots of pattern wallpapers, such as floral prints or too many pictures. If you still want to use wallpaper for the walls of the house, it’s best to use border wallpaper with patterns and motifs that are match to the overall concept of the interior of the house. If you prefer painted walls, you should add wainscoting or bead board to enhance the appearance of the walls of the house. To support the atmosphere of the lake, present a photo or painting of a lake, rice field, mountain, waterfall, river, forest, or other natural scenery that supports it, then frame it in a beautiful frame.

Lake house home decor

Try to keep the situation in lake house as clear as possible by not presenting many items or furniture. The simpler a home decoration, of course, the better. The goal is to include as many outdoor nuances as possible into the house. Without a doubt by presenting lots of glass windows and openings that will show an outdoor view of a beautiful lake landscape into the house. If you want to use a slightly artistic decoration, try to choose decorations made of wood. Also, native plants, tree branches, natural rocks, deer / wild animal horns, or any accessories that come from nature, and not materials made from manufacturers.

Furniture to present on a lake house

The furniture in a lake house must be comfortable and functional. In the living room, sofa or couches are often placed double, as a seat and also as a guest bed. For that, make sure you pay more attention to this sofa and choose a soft-textured sofa, so that it can be used as an emergency bed. You can also choose sofa material that is easy to remove and wash. Also, to make it easier for you to clean the sofa regularly.

Apart from the sofa, also choose some practical furniture items such as side tables and coffee tables with drawers. Obviously, it’s for storage that can be used to store blankets, bed sheets, or a fold-out bed as an extra bed.

Flooring for lake houses

For flooring problems, the aspects of comfort and practicality in cleaning it are the main points. Wood and linoleum floors are classified as easy to maintain and can be applied to lakeside homes. If you want to get an artistic feel to the floor, but without presenting carpets or rugs, it is advisable to use a stencil. Choose stencils with motifs and colors that match the interior theme of the lake house. If the floor is made of wood or parquet, you can paint it so that it is durable. Moreover, it has the look you want, whether it’s a rustic, traditional, vintage or classic look.

Lighting on a lake house

For lake houses, it is advisable to provide lighting that is not too bright or slightly dim. Usually, many lake house interiors are decorated with vintage concepts. Therefore, lighting that is not too bright is the best lighting. Choose the type of table lamp, wall lamp, sconces, and chandelier, or lantern. To create a more relaxed and casual interior feel, use lamps with shades or frames made of bamboo or rattan.

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The outdoor area

It feels incomplete when decorating a lake house without paying attention to the exterior decoration. In order to enjoy a more perfect view and landscape of the lake, present an outdoor living room or sitting area in the spots with the best lake view. You can complement it by adding an outdoor umbrella and a grill to have a barbeque party here. You can also provide a fireplace, children’s playground, swing, or even a jacuzzi for the spa or swimming pool so you can enjoy the lake view more in a relaxed manner.

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