The Secret Truth on ’70s -Inspired Home Makeover Exposed

Recently, past time is back to the trend and people love it so much. Whether it’s listening to old music, wearing clothes in the style of the ’70s or ’90s, to bring these past memories into a retro style home interior. The past can finally provide inspiration for life in the present. That is why this trend is also idolize again in the world of interior design. Home owners are currently racing to make a makeover to achieve a retro interior design.

What is ’70s Style in Home Makeover?

Retro style itself is known as a type of home decoration design with techniques that repeat the styles that were popular in the past, especially in the 1970s. At first glance, retro design styles are often associated with vintage design styles. Even though they both repeat the styles of the past, both have significant differences.

The vintage design era started from the 1020s to the 1060s, while the retro design itself appeared in the 1970s to the 1990s. Retro and vintage styles themselves are also not far from using color. If vintage is outshine by soft or pastel colors, retro is characterized by bright and warm colors.

Are you curious about the retro style that you can apply to your home during makeover? Know the characteristics of a retro style house so that you can feel the warmth of past memories in the residence.

Revolutionary material in 70s Home Makeover

The retro style takes the theme of the 60s to the 70s, where technological developments in the world at that time used unusual furniture materials. For example, plastic material, vinyl material to fiberglass.

These materials automatically become the main ingredients for all retro style elements such as chairs, ceilings, walls, floors and so on. Warm colors, of course.

Unusual decor

One of the goals of retro style is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Undoubtly, people fill the room with items or furniture with unusual shapes or bright colors. Instead of sticking to a minimalist or modern look, you can choose decorations and furniture for a retro-style interior using interest or memory of the item.

You can create a retro style in your home according to the creativity you have. Whether it’s by adding a thick geometric pattern carpet, conjoint with antique furniture from the 70s, orange sofa, and pattern wall wallpaper that has striking colors.

Prints and patterns

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The era of the 70s was known as the era of pop art designers and artists. Like Andy Warhol, an artist who played an important role in the retro style of the time. At that time, Warhol created sensational works of art by reproducing celebrity photos and old advertisements.

To turn your house into a retro style is actually quite easy. For example, add pop art portraits of Marilyn Monroe or The Beatles. Alternatively, you can add face paintings in various bright colors as wall hangings.

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