What You Don’t Know About Kitchen Dining Room May Shock You

Kitchen Dining Room – the Conspiracy

Now the concept or design of kitchen dining room into one has widely applied by people, especially for those who like a minimalist concept. These are two interconnected rooms. No wonder many people decide to combine these two rooms for reasons of practicality and want to maximize the space. For those of you who are looking for inspiration, let’s read this article to the end!

Kitchen Dining Room Design with Small Table

In this design, there is a small dining table that joins the kitchen cabinet. This small table is located in the corner that is perpendicular to the kitchen set which is also straight. Applying green and white colors, a fresh impression seen in the design of this room.

This design is suitable for young family couples who are modern, dynamic, and don’t often use the kitchen. Then, next to the hanging kitchen cabinet, a shelf attached to the wall as a storage box to put practical items without the need to open or close the cupboard.

Wooden Kitchen Dining Room Design

Wooden nuances for the design of the kitchen and dining room are one of your favorite recommendations. The design is more complete with wood and marble materials indeed.

The wood floor material gives a warm and friendly impression, making the residents of the house feel at home. A medium-sized table with some storage under it is perfect for minimalist home architecture because it doesn’t take up much space.

Open Concept Design

Applying this concept to the design of the kitchen and dining room makes air circulation more smoothly in the house. This design is also more energy efficient because it doesn’t require lighting during the day.

The design of the kitchen dining room which together in a position adjacent to the inner court makes the dining atmosphere fresher and calming. Usually this open concept design applied to a minimalist villa where the garden generally filled with fish ponds and water flowing into the pond.

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Colorful design

If we enter the design of this kitchen dining room, the first impression we will get is fresh. Due to home interior styles in this kind of design widely used in modern Japanese and Korean apartments.

In this design, there is a long table and colorful chairs. This view is complemented by a white kitchen wall and a hanging lamp.

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