15 Zoom on ultra design stools for the kitchen

Over time, the stool has dusted off its image to reinvest in our kitchens with style and instill a workshop spirit. At aperitif time, your guests take their seats around the bar or the central island which sits in the middle of the room and sit on increasingly comfortable designer stools. Synonymous with conviviality, these seats, as practical as they are aesthetic, take height.

The stool, the new designer touch in the kitchen

If you have a bar in your kitchen, the stool is the essential element for your decor. Far from being reserved for children to elevate them in the bathroom or to serve as an emergency chair, the stool invites itself gracefully into your decor and takes on a decidedly trendy style. If they are low, and therefore discreet, you can afford fantasies by choosing original colors or shapes. The legs are blue at Made.com , the stools are adorned with green at Muuto and Woud, while Hay and Hartôopt for a flamboyant red. The Scandinavian style continues its race towards our interiors and natural wood stools with a minimalist appearance are still popular. The industrial spirit also penetrates our kitchens, and confirms the workshop and relaxed atmosphere of this new living room that is the kitchen.

What material for a kitchen stool?

The kitchen stool complies with all trends, all universes and plays with codes and materials brilliantly. For a minimalist decor, we opt for a stool in raw wood like oak with a graphic and metallic base. For a Scandinavian kitchen , opt for a cork or blond wood stool with delicately copper legs. Finally, the stools with their sleek design, adapt easily to classic and sober atmospheres, for a decoration that is simply timeless. Bet on a designer stool with fine and ultra clean lines to let the room breathe.

Whether the style is classic, industrial or with soft Scandinavian accents, all you have to do is choose from all the ultra designer stools in our shopping!

1. A green stool, Woud

2. Ash stools, Muuto

3. Stools in tune with the times, Hay

4. A Japanese style stool, AM.PM

5. Original stools, Hartô

6. Stools with an industrial spirit, Made.com

7. Stools with Scandinavian accents, Normann Copenhagen

8. Elegant stools, Hay

9. Minimalist stools, House Doctor

10. Wooden stools, Universo Positivo

11. Cork stools, Ubikubi

12. Timeless stools, Tolix

13. A simple and original stool, Vitamin Living

14. Vintage stools, Ercol

15. A designer stool, Emko

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