5 ways to get around a narrow kitchen to stay beautiful and stylish

A narrow kitchen in a home often makes it difficult for many people to organize themselves and be smarter. Don’t worry, though, because there are some styling and decorating tips to keep a narrow kitchen beautiful, without neglecting the functional aspect. A narrow kitchen can be embellished by using reflective materials and versatile furniture. In addition, it can be done by applying contrasting colors and patterns. What are the tips for dealing with a narrow kitchen in a home to keep it stylish and beautiful?

Narrow all-white kitchen

White is a popular choice for narrow rooms. The impression of the field will maximized because it uses reflective materials. The kitchen floor is made of earthy brown tiles that warm and inviting. One more thing that makes this kitchen more charming is the reddish lighting. The touch presents a sweet sensation. This pink glow makes the all-white kitchen look unique as well as modern.

Kitchens with reflective surfaces

To make the narrow kitchen environment look more cheerful and fun, you can use a reflective coating. For example, the use of mirrors, as well as glossy finishes on the surfaces of cabinets and kitchen cabinets. The dark glassware of the oven and electric stove also supports the look. A reflective surface like this will reflect light throughout the room to increase the impression of comfort and spaciousness. The combination of glossy finish and gray color gives an elegant impression to this narrow kitchen.

Special theme for narrow kitchens

To make a narrow kitchen look beautiful and elegant, you can choose a special theme to apply to the room. One thematic tip to try is applying wall colors and patterns. This beautiful small kitchen features navy as a focal point. The entire ceiling in the kitchen is painted in white with red picture decoration to balance the navy. Open shelves also applied here to give a broad impression to narrow kitchen as closed cabinets make the kitchen look full and crowded. Don’t forget to always clean your utensils or anything on the open shelves due to it gets dusty faster.

Elegant Scandinavian-style kitchen

Give your narrow kitchen a Scandinavian touch for an elegant result. The next layout makes use of the unused space under the stairs. Subway’s white tile backsplash combined with a light brown wood table top makes this kitchen look clean and beautiful. Limited size is no longer a problem thanks to the open shelving concept and the cupboard table that offers plenty of storage space.

Colored mosaic as decoration for narrow kitchens

Decorating a narrow kitchen to make it attractive can use a neutral palette as the dominant color. Then add a surprise in the form of beautiful colors to kitchen items, for example in the backsplash area. This small kitchen dominated by a warm light brown wood color. As for the color surprise, the designer used ceramic with a multi-colored mosaic pattern as a backsplash.

Warm and cozy narrow kitchen design

The narrow kitchen style is not just about monochromatic designs that limited to one or two colors. You can combine many aspects in your kitchen to make it feel warm and cozy.

Like this kitchen that uses wood as the island table top that doubles as a dining table. Meanwhile, the black kitchen table looks in contrast to the white kitchen cabinets. The various wood materials used produce a warm and comfortable impression, both tables and chairs and even window seats with tiny cushions. In addition, the yellowish glow of the light also warms the atmosphere. Small and petite, but it still looks beautiful. This nuance is sure to make anyone feel at home to cook in it.

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