7 L-shaped kitchen layout ideas, classic but functional

Determining what is right is the key to making your kitchen run smoothly. Care should be taken, as choosing the wrong kitchen setting can result in shock and fall. One popular kitchen design is the L-shaped kitchen. L-shaped kitchen design and layout have many variations without the kitchen feeling too narrow or cramped.

Whether your space is large or small, an L-shaped kitchen model will fit in with modern as well as modern appliances. Its removable shape also allows it to adapt to custom designs such as ceilings or large windows. When planning, it is important to pay attention to sightlines, traffic, and entry and exit points. L-shaped kitchens are perfect for a small space or attached to another space, keeping your workspace as clean as a space.

How to prepare an L-shaped kitchen? The ergonomic layout of the kitchen focuses on creating smooth and intuitive paths and the best cooking environment. Kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets are the perfect place to adapt to the function of your body and hands. The sink and kitchen utensils are placed to induce logical movement while cooking. For storage, keep the utensils and utensils you use most often. Here are some tips on how to make your L-shaped kitchen look great and progress in the kitchen.

Vertical storage

The L-shaped kitchen has great advantages in terms of the use of space. Design floor-to-ceiling solutions using all walls. If your kitchen doesn’t have windows, place your favorite kitchen on the backsplash wall. These storage areas run the full width of the wall and reach up to the ceiling to ensure all areas are used. To add other vertical appliances, store electrical appliances or other food along the magnetic wall strips.

Balance an L-shaped kitchen with windows

This is the best and most popular way to use an L-shaped kitchen. Installing one side of the L under the window will help balance the exterior with the stove, oven, and kitchen appliances. Incorporating windows into your kitchen design helps give your walls a consistent use of exterior lighting to complement the design. Add curtains to complete the L-shaped kitchen decor.

Maximize the space of a small kitchen

For small kitchens, L-shaped kitchens are ideal. This is because it concentrates all the storage space and appliances on both sides of the room and keeps the spaces white and open, making the whole space look bigger. Keep the colors bright so they don’t look straight. The combination of kitchen utensils and drawers makes pots, pans and utensils regular, while glassware is the perfect accessory for spices and dry dishes.

Use colors and patterns

Don’t be afraid to use dark colors and patterns in your kitchen. Darker colors generally work better in large kitchens because they are warmer. Wood paint can also be used to match kitchens with walls and interior decorations. For dark colors, you can choose from medium gray to dark gray which exudes elegance and natural sophistication.

Keep the kitchen family friendly

Make your kitchen perfect for a busy family. By keeping the kitchen cabinets, study cabinets, and L-shaped cabinets, you can move around freely. Make the most of the space on both sides of the room, allowing view from different directions to set the right mood. Layout views have become an important basis for open planning. Think more about the design and aesthetics of your kitchen because it will naturally stand out.

Place storage in the corner

Use the L-shaped corner of the kitchen to install an open cabinet for storage. Open shelves are a solution and elegant for any kitchen. Place utensils and glassware so that they are easily accessible. You can also attach the hanger to the bottom of the shelf.

Place the refrigerator in the L-shaped kitchen

In a kitchen design, the location of the refrigerator or freezer should match the design of the work triangle, including the movement of the refrigerator, sink, and stove. However, in L-shaped kitchens the best refrigerator is placed at the end of the work area. Because it’s the start of the journey. If possible, place the refrigerator at the L-shaped end so as not to obstruct the flow of the work area.

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