Metal Roofing : Things You Need to Know

Metal roofing now attracts many people who will build houses. Moreover, this roof is a good choice for almost any house except a flat roof. In particular, there are now shingle-style metal roofing materials that are almost indistinguishable from conventional asphalt shingle roofs. If you want to know more about the benefits of this roof, here are things you need to know about this roof.

Metal roofing is nothing new

In the past, metal roofs were only found in luxury buildings designed by architects. But now, this roof is no longer the same over there. One type of roof is increasingly found in many ordinary homes. This is due to better product availability and improved productivity. According to industry statistics released in 2017, the market share of steel roofs increased by 3%. This has happened every year for many years. Additionally, approximately 15% of all roofing installations use this material. At the same time, the market share of asphalt shingle roofs is declining, accounting for 59% of all roofs.

The existing roof can be connected to the metal roof

If you plan to install this roof over an existing roof, you can install it without pulling the shingles themselves. This can be done as long as local laws permit. It may be necessary to remove the shingles from the roof first, but sensitive tears can increase the cost of labor. A possible problem with this type of roof installation is wet water. Between the metal roof and the existing roof, moisture can accumulate and cause mold and rot. However, the roof can improve the ventilated roof, avoiding such problems. Alternatively, this metal roof can be installed over the hairline (1 x 3s or similar), allowing the roof to stand upright and provide ventilation between layers. Before installing a metal roof over an old roof, consult a local enthusiast first. Some regulations may require complete demolition each time a new roof is installed.

This metal roof is quiter than asphalt roofs

There is a bad impression that a metal roof will make noise when it rains or hails. This is because when properly installed, this roof does not ring as much as other types of roofs. These roofs are usually installed on a solid substrate. In addition, the ceiling and the insulation provide sound insulation. Inside, residents rarely hear the sound of rain when the roof is up.

This roof does not attract lightning

You may have thought that metal roofing can be like lightning, but that’s not a throwback to facts or statistics. According to the Weather Administration, “This roof does not present a lightning hazard.” Also, this roof was struck by lightning, but these materials are less electrically conductive than other roofs, such as wood or shingle roofs. The newspaper also added that “Because metal roofs are both electrically and electrically conductive, the risks associated with their use and behavior when electricity is available make this construction most desirable.”

The reason metal roofs doesn’t attract lightning is very simple. lightning strikes the ground and trees, wires and similar structures like lightning. This roof is a separation of structures that do not have direct access to the ground in the design. Therefore, there is no scientific reason that lightning strikes a metal roof more than an asphalt shingle roof.

Cheap metal roof price

Most metal roofing kits come with a 30-year warranty comparable to the best asphalt shingle roofing products. However, in practice, these roofs can last up to 50 years or more. According to National Agricultural Actuarial Statistics, the life of a steel roof is generally about 40 to 70 years. Therefore, it is minimal for a homeowner to replace this roof while it is occupied. On the other hand, homeowners with asphalt shingle roofs typically replace the roof three or four times in 50 years. Although metal roofs are more expensive than asphalt roofs, it can be concluded that the material of these roofs can save people in the long run.

Protection against fire, rot and insects are the advantages of this roof

One of the main reasons metal roofs are so popular is that they are fireproof. With the increase in fires, these roofs have become the roofing material of choice in many countries. Additionally, other benefits of this roof include:

  1. Insects such as caterpillars cannot eat metal roofs.
  2. This roof is rot and mildew resistant.
  3. Snow can slide off the roof faster than other roofs because it can heat up faster from the sun.

Works on low slope roofs

Industry research has shown that these roofs affect solar energy, reducing air conditioning costs by 10-25%. In climates where cooling costs are higher than heating costs, coating the metal roof with a shiny or grainy coating can increase the energy efficiency and energy savings of the roof. can work on low roof. Many believe that metal roofs are only designed for buildings with high ceilings. In fact, this roof works well for low roofs. This type of roof is installed on a large sheet with raised seams and tightly closed to retain water. A slight slope is needed to allow water to run off, but most homes can follow this roof.

Large hailstones can damage metal roofs

Steel roofs are more durable and maintenance free than asphalt shingles and other roofs. In addition, this roof cannot be damaged. However, there is one weather condition that negatively affects metal roofs: hail. Aluminum and copper are brittle in hail the size of a golf ball. Users of this roof should be careful when hail falls in the surrounding conditions in which they normally live. Large hail is not a problem. However, heavy hail can damage the metal roof.

Those are important things to know about metal roofing. If you think your home environment and conditions will be very comfortable with all the benefits of this roof, immediately use it as a cover for your home. However, if your location’s environment and variety aren’t ideal, it’s time to think about using another roof.

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