Anti-Slippery, Use This Type of Bathroom Floor

The function of the bathroom as a place to clean yourself and also be a place of relaxation when ending daily activities is becoming an increasingly trendy trend today. Therefore the safety and comfort of a bathroom should get serious attention. Because the indications of comfort and security that you can get in the bathroom start from small but serious things, you know. Namely choosing the floor of the bathroom floor. We suggest that if you choose a floor, you should not be careless because the floor determines whether you can feel comfortable and comfortable in the bathroom or not. In this article, we want to discuss the types of floors that considered in the bathroom, what kind of floor should you use in your bathroom, of course, we will choose the type of floor that is anti-slippery for your safety.

Casparie Floor

The choice of the first type of anti-slip bathroom floor is the casparie floor. The neutral color is really suitable, you know, to decorate your bathroom which has a minimalist type of residence. Why is it considered suitable for minimalist interior design? Because the colors presented are usually monochrome or gray. One thing we like about this casparie floor is that this type of floor has a unique decorative motif. In general, the motifs displayed on this non-slip casparie floor are carvings inspired by medieval art forms. So that in addition to making the bathroom look minimalist, it also gives a little vintage feel to your bathroom.

Moroccan Floor

If you are someone who likes classy ethnic motifs, this Moroccan floor is very suitable, you know, to be an anti-slip flooring choice in your bathroom. Its elegant appearance will produce a vintage and classy bathroom feel. The colors found on the Moroccan floor also good and seem to be included in various interior designs. In terms of safety, this Moroccan floor has a surface on an embossed motif so it will feel rough when it comes into contact with the skin. Even though it feels rough, it will not cause an uncomfortable sensation, even vice versa. This ethnic motif also provides its own comfort effect for bathroom users, you know. Some people even decide to coat the bathroom walls with this Moroccan floor.

The use of an anti-slip floor with a Moroccan design will certainly make your bathroom. Its beautiful and exotic appearance will be a plus and its own satisfaction for you. What is certain that this floor highly recommended to use because it is anti-slippery. So, it is safe for those of you who have family members at home, children or even parents. Although the price is relatively more expensive than other types of floor motifs, the plus value offered is definitely worth the price.

Stamford Floor

Applying bright colors in the bathroom is certainly one of your dreams that you want to realize immediately, right? Well if so, you can try installing a Stamford motif floor in the bathroom with a beautiful and sweet motif. Although usually the Stamford motif floor often placed in the main room or on the terrace. Furthermore, the floor which is an anti-slip floor is also safe to apply in the bathroom. So that the selection of this floor is one of the right choices to coat your bathroom. This Stamford motif floor has another term, namely the newspaper motif floor. Well, as the name implies, this motif has an abstract and irregular impression. However, the bright and beautiful colors make it look very aesthetic when combined in the bathroom.

The selection of an anti-slippery floor, such as the choice of the types we have mentioned above, is one of the efforts to maintain the safety of bathroom members in order to avoid unwanted events. After making sure the floor uses an anti-slippery floor, the next step you have to do is to keep the bathroom clean. Not only on the floor but also on other corners of the bathroom. A slippery floor surface usually caused by a dirty floor because it is overgrown with moss.

Those are some types of flooring in the bathroom that taken into consideration for you to apply at home. Actually, several types of floors above are designed with anti-slip or anti-slip designs and motifs so that they can minimize slippage.

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