7 Things That Always Forgotten In Today’s Minimalist Kitchen

Designing a minimalist kitchen is usually an option for those who don’t want to struggle to come up with a great idea. However, designing a minimalist kitchen doesn’t mean you have to keep everything to a minimum or make it as simple as possible! Minimalist kitchen design has many themes and rules that should not forgotten or abandoned. To make your minimalist kitchen design stand out more. Here are some things to look for and keep in mind when using the following minimalist kitchen design!

Minimalist kitchen design with limited storage space

Presenting a minimalist kitchen does not mean that everything can be minimized. The kitchen has a lot of space which should not be reduced or minimized for a minimalist kitchen design. One of them is storage. It’s no secret that the kitchen is one of those places that needs a lot of storage space. From untensils and spices for dishes, of course you need storage space. Designing a minimalist kitchen without enough storage space will not make your kitchen less cluttered. Not only does this unintentionally spoil the look, but it also eliminates the minimalist vibe of your kitchen! For this, always have the necessary equipment with a minimal kitchen.

If you don’t want to complicate the design of your minimalist kitchen and lose its minimalist sense, you can embed it on the wall or create a hidden cabinet under the island. Designing simple cabinets without complicated details will also help to achieve your minimalist kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen design with flexible work area

There is a lot of important work to be done with kitchen. These activities include storing, cleaning and preparing dishes and ingredients before cooking. If you want to incorporate all the features, the kitchen design that really exists is a very simple minimalist kitchen design. Do not miss to change the design with the minimal kitchen design you have for it. For example, by making a sink area that can modified into a cutting area and preparing food ingredients. You can also plant microwaves and other electronic devices in areas that not used, such as above the cooker hood. With the flexibility of a kitchen set, your minimalist kitchen design will not appear excessive. Also, it will certainly make your activities much more efficient.

Too many tools in a minimalist kitchen

It is an exception that the kitchen has a lot of necessary equipment. But the presence of these various equipment can make the minimalist essence of your minimalist kitchen design fade. When planning a minimalist kitchen, first consider only the essential kitchen equipment you need the most. You can also work around this equipment by placing it built-in in a cabinet in the kitchen. For other equipment that is rarely used, you can store it in the cabinet so that the kitchen still looks clean and of course minimalist.

Minimalist kitchen design in too monotone color

Although color has a huge impact on bringing out the details of an interesting minimalist kitchen, many people forget to define colors when using a minimalist kitchen. Some people also worry that choosing too many colors will spoil the details of the minimalist kitchen. Using minimal colors doesn’t mean you have to think about designing a minimalist kitchen in a monotonous color. Make the atmosphere of your kitchen a minimalist design by using trivial elements such as kitchen utensils that work beautifully in different colors. Using two or three different colors is fine. However, if you want to give it a minimalist look in your kitchen, choose decor with attractive colors and calm tones. Use color pallet if you want the safest option for color experiment.

Don’t care about the light

Another thing you need to keep in mind when trying to create a minimalist kitchen is to add supplemental lighting to enhance your kitchen. Lighting can not only facilitate activities in the kitchen itself. However, can also improve the kitchen concept appearance and provide better lighting throughout the kitchen. For that, in addition to the main light in the middle of the room, don’t forget about additional lights such as at the bottom of the hanging cabinet. This to illuminate the backlash wall or spotlight at the points you want to expose, such as if you put a painting or decoration in the kitchen.

Materials that do not fit into the minimalist kitchen

One of the reasons that determine the realization of a minimalist kitchen design is the choice of materials. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials to give it a minimalist touch. With similar pieces of furniture, your kitchen can also look minimalist. There are several things you can do, including using a mirror. Mirrors can be used for backlash wall or cabinet door. Although it is a different, it can mix well with other materials anyway. In addition, metal materials as details such as aluminum and stainless also have a fairly neutral character for you to combine with various other materials in your minimalist kitchen design.

One more thing that you should not miss, the elements in the kitchen design are not only minimalist kitchen sets, so make sure the materials you use on the kitchen walls, floors, ceilings and also various other kitchen accessories are in line with the minimalist concept you want.

Expensive furnitures

Minimalism isn’t just about design, it’s also about value. Many people find it difficult to create a stunning minimalist kitchen on a minimal budget. Of course, not all minimalist furniture comes with a high price tag. After all, a minimalist kitchen design is not only about presenting minimalist furniture, but the overall design of the space, including the arrangement and other elements such as the floor, walls, and ceiling. So, don’t spend your money to buy too expensive minimalist kitchen furniture, because that’s not a guarantee for a minimalist kitchen design to be perfect!

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