8 Simple Kitchen Designs for You With A Limited Budget

Having been involved in many kitchen activities, it is not surprising that cooking is included in one of the areas where personnel and production costs. Want to save on kitchen bills? Designing a simple kitchen can be a solution. You can easily display a variety of kitchen designs, from appliance selection to placement and use of existing space. Want to apply for a simple kitchen design to save money? If you still confused about which simple kitchen design suits your kitchen, here are some simple kitchen design inspirations to help you complete with a limited budget.

Simple Kitchen Design without Hanging Cabinets

Just because you want to get a simple kitchen design for less doesn’t mean you can’t lose the value of your on-demand kitchen. One of them is the save function. For this, you can easily skip the kitchen design process by replacing open hanging cabinet into regular kitchen cabinets. This will reduce the use of appliances and will also accommodate a variety of kitchen items.

No details, no colors

Designing a simple kitchen really costs a lot of money with lots of detail and a variety of finishes. So, there is no problem in cutting out elements and colors when designing a simple kitchen to save money. The trick to get rid of monotony is that you can change the color tone from one to various tones in the same range. Afraid of being expensive? Calm down, you can work around this with a choice of Carrara marble motif on solid surface. You can also use bar stools with striking colors to enrich the visuals of your simple kitchen design. To brighten the atmosphere, you can add essential kitchen textiles. For instance, kitchen rags that hang on the drawer handles, an apron, or a gallon holster.

Simple kitchen design with wooden crates

To this day, wood is still the choice of many kitchens. In the end, how about presenting this tree in another form while keeping its kitchen functions simple? You can do this by turning the wooden box into a simple kitchen with wooden furniture of the same color. To make these wooden elements stand out, you can freely apply them on the walls, floors and ceiling of a simple kitchen design. But don’t forget to provide kitchen utensils with a shelf for storage. A good kitchen utensil can crack quickly if not stored properly.

Simple Japanese Open Kitchen Design

Take a look at this simple kitchen design and you won’t be surprised how low the price is. It is an ideal kitchen design for kitchens that have less space. Try using wood as much as possible without using closed cabinets. Although inexpensive, simple and attractive, this simple kitchen design is not recommended for those who less tidy or often have activities in the kitchen. This is because the kitchen will looks flimsy and cluttered. But if you’re a casual snack maker, you might want to consider this simple kitchen design.

Concrete table top for a simple kitchen design

Making concrete as a table top is one of the simple kitchen design tricks that is not only easy but also economical. This simple kitchen design is another great option for those looking for simplicity without looking cheap. To achieve this, a simple kitchen design achieved with a finished floor and walls that blend in with the stone. You can use concrete, gray or matching paint, and ceramic choices with concrete patterns and textures can be good choices. Adding wooden elements like cabinet doors and kitchen accessories is also unlimited, and you can make it more beautiful! You can hang your cookware instead putting it on the shelf.

Eliminate Details, Enrich Colors

In fact, removing the elements can simplify and reduce the kitchen design costs. But if you want to keep the simple kitchen design beautiful without details, you can play with colors like this simple kitchen design. The colorful colors of the kitchen gradient chosen combined with the white color of the furniture and cabinets make this simple and white kitchen with a unique design.

Expose Material, Simplify Finishing

In fact, not all parts of the kitchen need to be completed. To save money, certain areas, such as walls or floors, can be left with unfinished materials. With this simple kitchen design, you can combine incomplete materials with kitchen accessories, which, of course, also reduces the cost of requesting table tops. It’s an easy way to cut costs and create simple, dark-hued kitchens. Add versatility, complete your kitchen with industrial style kitchen accessories.

Simple and elegant black

Who says simple can’t be luxurious? To give an elegant impression to a simple kitchen design in your home, you can use the all-black concept, which is becoming a trend. With an all-black finish, you can also minimize the possibility of a simple kitchen design that gets dirty easily. Use black paint for the backlash and the wall or cabinet. Even the black wall game used as a writing medium with chalk to remind something important. White also used for something like a floor, ceiling or side wall to prevent the room too dark. Without a lot of detail and a lot of finishing options, of course, you don’t have to be afraid to spend the money to know this simple kitchen design.

A simple kitchen design can’t always help you save costs if your arrangement and planning is not right. Many simple kitchen inspirations above can be used and combined according to your needs and the value of your simple kitchen design. If you have children at home, don’t forget to have a baby car seat in the kitchen for easy family meals.

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