7 Boho Bedroom Ideas for Your Free Spirited Soul

Bohemian Deco that also known as Boho incorporates contemporary art, creating a fun, entertaining and comfortable atmosphere. There are no specific rules for bohemian decor, but the aesthetic often includes warm, earthy hues and has a flair for combining patterns and layering textures in a way that gives it a homey, rustic feel. Many textiles, Turkish rugs, vintage collections and antique furniture add to the global travel climate. Bohemian design was once considered a work of art and style in the 70s, but the art form is varied. Whether you’re already a bohemian lover or are now considering options, here’s everything you need to spruce up your boho bedroom with patterns, plants, rugs and more.

Natural textures

Natural texture is what you need to take your boho bedroom to the next level. Textiles such as jute, rattan and linen are used to create an immediate bohemian feel. And of course, don’t forget the macrame wall hangings, a must-have for boho style.

Add the warm woody touch

The all-white colors combined with the summery shades of wood accents are the epitome of bohemian. From curtains to dark shades to bedside tables and wardrobes, oak finishes become the second color and are all you need to create what you want.

Old things bring new charm

Part of the bohemian lifestyle is browsing thrift stores and exploring stores for unique vintage items. It’s a unique treasure that gives way to a real bohemian vibe, as rattan storage boxes are now making highlight in this bedroom.

Repeat elements in a new way

Keep an open mind and find items that can be used in different ways for your old furniture or accessories. Think outside the box and reassemble things like these that now work in the same place.

Mixed types

If you consider yourself as a modish person it can be difficult to choose the right one for you in the long run. The bohemian vibe overlaps with many other designs, so try adding other aesthetics and create your own. We love how this bedroom offers elements of bohemian chic and glamour all in one.

Put on accessories as necessary

You don’t have to start from scratch to demolish an entire room, invest in every new piece of furniture (even if it’s brand new), and remodel your entire bedroom. Save what you have and change the mood with practical accessories. Eyeglasses, faux fur, leather handbags and jute sheets will evoke a bohemian feel with minimalism.

Let the sunlight in

Bohemian style is suitable for sunny shades and natural light. Don’t block light with thick, heavy, dark surfaces. Replace the space, let light into the window with soft, almost white sheer curtains. You will be amazed at how white light can affect a designer’s entire imagination.

Lauren Flanagan

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