Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Transform Boring Walls

Bedroom wall decor is an important yet underrated part of bedroom design. The walls are an expansive part of the room so the way you choose to decorate. Them can not just have a huge impact on the way the bedroom looks but also the mood it evokes. 

For most, the key consideration when it comes to bedroom ideas is that it’s comfortable and restful, and there are a number of ways that can be achieved. Whether it is through paint, wallpaper, unique artwork or paneling. But regardless of your choice, there is another key factor to bear in mind – color.

‘When choosing a color scheme for your bedroom, I’d recommend a warm, cozy color that doesn’t distract or stimulate your brain,’ says interior designer Irene Gunter, founder of Gunter & Co. ‘My current favorites include Temple by Paint & Paper Library and Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball. Using blush shades like these, particularly in a bedroom, creates an incredibly soothing and inviting atmosphere.’


You don’t need to decorate your whole bedroom wall to make an impact. 

Sometimes, it is enough to display art as a focal point. But instead of using a piece of artwork, why not make your headboard work harder, acting as a functional piece as well as wall decor. Like in this bedroom designed by interior designer Michael Del Piero. 

‘Both eye-catching and utilitarian, this cool, hide-covered headboard was designed by our team and hung in such a way as to read as art. It’s both a headboard and art installation.’


A painted wall can be all the bedroom wall decor you need. Or maybe not.  In many cases it can look unfinished, particularly if you have decided against wall art. So if you are after something subtle that can give paintwork a significant lift. Try an inlay which allows you to transfer painted designs onto painted surfaces. 

The bronze inlays in the walls of this modern bedroom project by ND Studios(opens in new tab) adds pattern to the space and also a note of sophistication and glamor. 

‘Bedrooms are places of relaxation, and the walls should reflect that,’ says  Natascha Dartnall, founder and director of ND Studios.  ‘It can be hard to get walls right but overfilled or entirely stark will stand out for all the wrong reasons.’

‘The detail behind the bed was created by inlaying bronze into the paintwork; there is also a bronze border to the headboard. Although bronze is in itself a bold material, here it contributes to what is a serene space with a muted but fresh palette.


This guest bedroom, designed by Connecticut-based interior design studio McGrath II is a masterclass in how to design a small bedroom and the way wall decor can feed into that.

While there are many small bedroom ideas to choose from. This project shows the importance of keeping to a  tight palette and how the choice of wall decor can have a decorating impact on the rest of the bedroom.  

‘We love the timeless combination of moss and cream, as seen in this pretty guest bedroom from our Cobble Hill brownstone project in Brooklyn, New York,’ say McGrath II(opens in new tab) founders Suzanne and Lauren McGrath. ‘We played with levels of scale to balance the narrow space. The centerpiece: the dramatic canopy bed draws the eye upward and invites light to flood the room. The small scale, hand-printed wallpaper from Sister Parish(opens in new tab) dances with the dynamic coverlet and the large scale print on the soft-as-clouds duvet. While the woven wood roman shade offers a textural balance.’


Why let the walls be the only stars in the bedroom? If you opt for a patterned wallpaper idea, go the extra mile and bring in pattern from other elements like the bedding. Furniture and lampshades like in this design by Ben Pentreath for Morris & Co.

‘I’d say, don’t be afraid of pattern, and of layering patterns. The beauty of Morris & Co is that so many of their patterns be they fabric or wallpaper combine together in rich and unexpected ways. Creating a harmony out of very different scales, colors and themes,’ says Ben.  ‘There is an underlying unity to so much of the Morris & Co work all stitched together with a profound response to nature, and a brilliant understanding of pattern repeat that I find quite unparalleled in so many other archive document prints. I think this is where the timeless appeal of Morris lies. Pick your favourites and run with them, with confidence!’


If you choose to go for paint for your bedroom wall decor, there are still various ideas to be explored. One of these is a two-tone effect using lighter and darker hues of the same shade to make the ceiling look higher. It’s a clever design trick from those in the know. Particularly if you want to make a small bedroom appear bigger. 

‘When using two paint shades, always use the darker shade on the bottom half of the wall to anchor the space. By brushing on a lighter shade above it, you create the illusion of height. Says Irene Gunter, founder of Gunter & Co(opens in new tab). 

‘The color palette in the master bedroom of this Notting Hill family home is inspired by the Puzzle IV artwork by Kim Bartelt that hangs above the bed. We used Paint & Paper Library’s Rouge II on the bottom half of the wall. And that same color with 50 percent white mixed in to create a lighter shade for the top half of the wall.’

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