Modern Dining Room Ideas for Beautiful Gatherings

There’s no doubt that the dining room is a hub for entertaining family and friends, even if your dining room is less of a room and more of a dedicated space, cranny, or couch (hey, we won’t judge). Just as there are infinite styles of cuisines and parties to host in them, there are countless ways to configure and decorate your dining room. Have an open-plan kitchen? Consider the banquette. Hoping to make your room the center of attention? Go for a dramatic light fixture. Looking to zhuzh up your space with minimal effort? Throw on an eye-catching tablecloth.

1. Cozy Cove

Everyday’s a picnic in this mealtime niche in a Brooklyn home designed by Office of Tangible Space. Lime-washed walls accentuate the coziness.

2. Shelf Life

Books might be mental sustenance, but they make for damn great dining room decor too. Here, in the Milan home of textile maven Caterina Fabrizio, a covetable Gabriella Crespi table is surrounded by IKEA chairs.

3. Hollywood Glam

If you live in Hollywood like writer and director Mara Brock Akil, your home will doubtlessly have more than its fair share of glamour. In her dining room, a vintage conference room table was repurposed for mealtime and surrounded by light-as-air vintage chairs and topped off with a celestial Murano chandelier. The artwork is by Elon Brasil.

4. Midcentury Cool

Modern lines meet punchy colors in Frances Merrill’s overhaul of a Silicon Valley cottage. Pro tip: Accessorize with bright blooms, vintage salt-and-pepper shakers, and taper candles in an unexpected hue.

5. Break Out Of The Shell

Victorian seashell grottos (who knew?) are an aesthetic touchpoint for this perfectly charming vignette in a Chicagoland Tudor reimagined by Elizabeth Mollen. The light blue walls accentuate the cheerful vibes.

6. Sunshine State

If you’re blessed with ample sunshine and airy ceilings, consider painting your walls in a pale lemon hue to accentuate the light, as Brockschmidt & Coleman did in this stunning New Orleans residence.

7. Off The Wall

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Such was the case for designer Natalia Miyar, who collaborated with Fromental on a wallpaper line. Naturally, it is the joyous backdrop for her dining room. “If I could wallpaper every room, I probably would!” she tells us.

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