Best Modern Living Rooms That Are Comfortable

Modern living rooms are comfortable and inviting, built for today’s lifestyles. While modern and contemporary are often treated as synonyms and used interchangeably, there is a technical difference between the terms. For interior designers and architects, a modern interior has roots in modernism and 20th century midcentury modern architecture and design. While a contemporary interior refers to styles that reflect the period from the late 20th century to the present. But to everyone else, the word modern is simply a shorthand for interiors that feel fresh, inviting, and livable in the here and now.

Modern living rooms draw from past design styles and aesthetics. Reinventing traditions to create spaces that are less a particular style than a sensibility. Built for relaxed family time and casual entertaining, today’s living rooms have evolved to include elements like ultra-comfortable seating. A focus on natural light, and flexible layouts that may be part of open plan spaces. Combined with dining rooms or share space with kitchens, a far cry from the stuffy and formal living rooms of the past.

1. Paint It Black

Painting the floor to ceiling brick fireplace with matte black paint gives this living room from Laquita Tate Interior Styling and Designs a modern focal point and complements neutral tones and natural greenery.

2. Take a Risk

This modern living room from A Beautiful Mess has a bold turquoise floor. That creates an element of surprise and acts as a base for neutral decor choices throughout the room. From worn tufted leather sofas to an organic coffee table, that keep it feeling livable and balanced.

3. Make Every Piece Count

This clean, minimal black and white living room from Fantastic Frank has a modern feel with its Beni Ourain rug, vintage lamp, contemporary sofa, and clean-lined furnishings, each chosen to hold their own in the less-is-more design scheme.

4. Hang an Oversized Pendant Light

This white-walled, plant-filled modern living room Leanne Ford Interiors makes use of the tall slanted ceilings by hanging an oversized metallic pendant light that glows like the sun and anchors the seating area.

5. Add a Few Splashes of Color

Victoria Bell Design modernized this airy modern farmhouse living room with its neutral furnishings and rustic ceilings and beams by injecting a few choice color accents. Like hot pink velvet throw pillows and a colorful piece of art.

6. Use Simple Accents

You can modernize a blank pass through wall in your living room with a few simple touches like a framed color photo of a crowded beach, a simple wooden bench, and a tall vase of pampas grass.

7. Add a Vignette

In this spacious modern living room from Desiree Burns Interiors. What could have been a dead space in the shadow of the staircase becomes a mini accent wall with dynamic patterned wallpaper. A curvy waterfall edge console table, and an eye catching gold toned lamp.

8. Bring In Some Blues

Bold blue accents on the striped rug and throw pillows add vibrancy to the white walls and clean lines of this modern living room from Leanne Ford Interiors.

9. Add Woven Accents

This bright and spacious living room from Desiree Burns Interiors has white walls, simple built ins, and woven accents that range from practical to whimsical to add warmth and a playful modern edge.

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