Small Apartment Decorating Ideas On a Budget

Whether you’ve got a cozy space in the city, or found an affordable apartment on the outskirts of town. Budget-friendly small apartment decorating ideas are something we are always looking out for. With real estate still being advertised at premium prices, many of us aren’t blessed with a ton of square footage. So it’s always inspiring to see well thought-out apartment decorating ideas that are considerate of smaller setups too…

Because the cost of redecorating can be an afterthought. Especially when you’re renting and small space solutions don’t always come cheap. However there is a lot you can do with a little creativity and know-how.

1. Upcycle Furniture Found at a Thrift Market

Keeping a couple of eclectic furniture finds in your living space will enhance a small apartment and give it personality. If you don’t manage to find anything gorgeous up front, treat it yourself with a lick of paint.

2. Trick The Eye With a Large Bathroom Mirror

Not just for checking yourself out before a big night out, or getting up close and personal with spots or a dental regime, the best mirror ideas are magical and when you’re looking small apartment decorating ideas on a budget, these panes of glass can turn your pint-sized pitch into a glamorous palace with grandeur.

In order to give the illusion of sizing up, you’ve got to stock up. So place them all around your apartment. That includes your hallway, bedroom, bathroom and living room. Absolutely everywhere!

And you don’t just need to stick to one shape or size. Where it’s a small round makeup mirror or a large floor length fixture, experiment with all sorts of room-enhancing reflectors.

3. Use a Room Divider To Zone, Or Create a Dressing Area

Dividers are great for a multitude of purposes. Where you’ve an apartment that’s all on one level, these devices work to zone areas, create a pop-up wardrobe space or an impromptu dressing area, without spending on any reno works.

They’re also a great tool for a shared bedroom idea when an older child may want some privacy, be it for reading, revising or getting ready.

4. Jazzed Up Kitchen Paneling

If you don’t want to over-complicate a kitchen wall decor avoid kitchen tile designs at all costs. Not only can the grouting be messy, but if you hire a laborer to do the work, it can also prove expensive.

Instead, create a decorative effect with paint. Using masking tape and a steady hand you can create a stylish small apartment ideas on a budget.

5. Add a Beaded Curtain To Add Privacy

This rainbow-motif, bamboo curtain is giving us Pride vibes and makes a simple, budget-friendly way to split your small apartment into zones, you can cleverly separate the kids from the adults when you’ve got guest round. 

The tactile texture means it’ll slowly shower you in wooden beads as you walk from one room to the other.

6. Opt For Modular Shelving Where Possible

Firstly, make sure your shelving is deep and tall enough to store your belongings, but narrow enough that it doesn’t compromise your precious square-footage.’ says Peter Erlandsson, co-owner of string furniture(opens in new tab).

Also, use a mix of open shelving and cabinet styles to create a display unit that is flexible enough to hide the things you don’t want on show.

7. Create a Feature Wall Using Wallpaper

From whimsical woodland prints to graphic geometrics, wallpaper now comes in such a dazzling array of designs to fit your personal style.’, says Nadia McCowan Hill, resident style advisor at Wayfair (opens in new tab). 

Think carefully about the mood you wish to create: Lovers of romantic styling might adore blousy blooms or delicate damask prints in soft and subtle shades.

If you prefer a more modern look, try optical geometrics which will give your home a more clean and contemporary edge.

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