How to Make a Comfortable Master Bedroom

Settling into a plush hotel room with no other plans but to completely unwind sounds pretty nice, but what’s even better is a fantastic staycation. No need to fly anywhere, put on makeup, or even get dressed all you need are your pj’s and a good book. Of course, it can be hard to achieve a truly blissful primary master bedroom décor setup. Often, nightstand clutter, mismatched sheets, and underwhelming furniture can get in the way of complete relaxation.

Think it’s time to give your bedroom the makeover it deserves? We’ve outlined a few primary bedroom ideas. That will help your space feel more layered and comfortable it may even make it feel larger. No, you don’t need a giant room or perfectly pressed linens to achieve pure bliss at home.

Whether you’re in the market for a new bed frame or just looking to upgrade your wall color, we have the solutions. Don’t spend another weekend stressing about the state of your bedroom give it a well deserved facelift instead.

1. Get Blackout Drapery

Sometimes the layout of your bedroom gives you no other option than to place your bed right in front of the window. Opting for blackout shades or curtains (any sort of window treatment will work) is always a good move especially when you want to sleep in.

2. Make a Reading Nook

Sometimes, it’s more appealing to flip through the pages of your favorite novel in a cozy armchair rather than in bed. If that’s the case for you, look for an armchair that’s as comfy as it is stylish and stick it in just about any corner where there’s room.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Generally, we’d never think to pair a fiery orange-red with a majestic teal and gold patterned wallpaper, but in this Dazey Den bedroom, it totally works. It may take a few tries to get these non traditional color pairings just right, but when you finally discover the right combination, you’ll be so glad you decided to experiment with color.

4. Get Creative

They may be small, but these unique rope sconces up the cool factor in a big way. In this bedroom designed by Pure Salt Interiors, the neutral and calm design only enhances the look of the lighting.

5. Layer Patterns

There’s no rule that states you have to match all of the patterns in your space. As long as one pattern doesn’t take over the space (which may make any additional patterns feel random or forced), feel free to mix as many patterns as you want. In this dreamy bedroom, the floral curtains and abstract rug look perfect together.

6. Level Up Your Pillow Game

There is no such thing as too many pillows. Yes, having a few may add a couple of minutes to your morning when you make the bed, but that’s okay. After all, what feels more warm and welcoming than a bevy of plush throws?

7. Get Inspired by the Past

This bedroom definitely feels contemporary what with the bright white walls and Pixar-like table lamp but the nightstand is perfectly mid century modern. The super-popular design movement undeniably inspires the shape, proportion, and material, and we’re into it. Mixing pieces from different eras is always a good idea.

8. Create Continuity With Fabric

Using the power of repetition is a great way to make your space feel larger and more coherent. In the bedroom above, the walls, floors, and even curtains are all in the same shade of gray, giving the space a feeling of expansiveness. By contrast, a few repetitive black velvet accents create continuity.

To make a small dark room appear larger. Lay the largest and lightest rug you can find a light gray is ideal. Then paint the walls (and maybe even the ceiling) in the same hue to disguise the lines that define the room.

9. Fake a Big Space

A large floor mirror will trick the eye into feeling like the room is much bigger and brighter than it actually is. By leaning a mirror against an empty wall, you’ll instantly add a feeling of expansiveness into your space. Just make sure to reflect on something you love to look at.

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