Outdoor Showers Are Beyond Breathtaking

Showering outdoors is just about the best thing you’ll do on a beach vacation, so why not replicate the invigorating feeling of an open-air bathroom at home? According to a report from Realtor.com, homes with outdoor showers tend to list for nearly double the asking price of other homes. Homes with outdoor showers are usually closer to the beach, which increases their value. But there’s no harm in bringing a bit of beach life to you.

After all, it’s almost summer. what better time to start doing everything you possibly can in the great outdoors, including showering? You may not have one at your house yet, but these 35 breathtaking outdoor showers will undoubtedly motivate you to make it happen. From rustic to modern, lush to minimalist, these ideas will leave you inspired and refreshed. Keep reading to decide which outdoor shower you want to recreate in your own backyard.

1. Opt For Sleek Lines

This outdoor shower strikes the perfect balance between rustic roots and modern style. You can actually see the ocean from the shower. Oh, and the sky too, thanks to that oversized skylight. Talk about bringing the outdoors in.

2. Add Seating

Having a ledge to sit on or prop up a leg in the shower makes everything easier. With wall hooks for towels and a place to lean up a surfboard, this is the ultimate place to rinse off after a day of riding the Malibu waves. Use your outdoor shower as a storage unit for your eye-catching surfboard.

3. Display Waterproof Decor

Outdoor showers are the perfect candidates for shower plants and water-friendly décor. We love how this one sits up against a black painted exterior wall for an edgier vibe, too.

4. Opt For Minimalism

Swap doors for lush greenery to take full advantage of the fresh, open air. To incorporate a more modern element, opt for a sleek, modern shower-head like this one.

5. Create a Pathway

To make a striking outdoor shower look even more grand, lay a tile pathway that leads the way. Then hang up wall hooks on the exterior wall so you can display your gorgeous towels, like these Missoni stunners.

6. Incorporate Greenery

Since the perk of an outdoor shower is extra time outside, embrace your natural surroundings by incorporating greenery. Showering outdoors surrounded by palm leaves and foliage for days will make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation no matter where you actually are.

7. Round Out The Enclosure

A matching pergola over an outdoor shower makes for a very dreamy backyard situation. Designed by Max Humphrey, this patio is the perfect balance between minimalist and bold, modern and timeless. The rounded enclosure adds nice contrast to the angular wood beams but still feels understated.

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